Why do workplace health promotion?

Many employers and others ask the question about why they should undertake WHP activities if they are not obliged to.  Research has shown that there are many reasons why they might do so, for example:

  • It is consistent with their company philosophy
  • It provides a good return on investment
  • It improves the health and wellbeing of their employees
  • It helps create better awareness of health and safety practices
  • It contributes positively to workforce morale
  • It gives a good public image for the company

Essentially, there are 2 types of reasons for doing so – the benefits that will result from doing so, or because employers believed that it is the right thing to do. 

The ENWHP was one of the first organisations to construct the European business case for doing WHP:

Others have also made the case in more recent times, for example:


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