A new website and approach to workplace health and wellbeing

Welcome to the new Irish workplace health and wellbeing site.  Sponsored by CIF and IBEC, it builds upon more than €1m of European Union investment in workplace health projects to present an up to date and integrated approach to the main workplace health issues affecting Irish workplaces.

It deals with health and safety, workplace health promotion and return to work practices.  It particularly focuses on emerging issues such as mental health and wellbeing, drugs and alcohol at work and occupational stress, while acknowledging the more traditional workplace hazards to health.

The approach

The health and wellbeing issues facing Irish workplaces are not confined to the health and safety field. This area is very important, but workplaces also face issues related to employee mental wellbeing and general health, all of which have an impact on the workplace as well as the employee.  We advocate a joined up approach to these issues where the workplace systematically addresses them so that health and wellbeing can be effectively managed to the benefit of all.

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