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There are many aspects to many aspects to managing health in the workplace some of which are the subject of legislation, while others may be undertaken on a voluntary basis. 

All employers and employees are subject to health and safety legislation whose aim is to eliminate and control workplace based risks to safety and health.  Originally focusing mainly on physical risks, the legislation and practice it now covers the areas of biological, chemical and psychosocial risks as well.

The area of workplace health is constantly evolving, with new issues and approaches being developed continually.  Amongst the most important areas are mental health and wellbeing, return to work and workplace health promotion.  Some of these areas are partially covered in health and safety legislation (for example, mental health, return to work) while others are undertaken voluntarily (though this may change in the case of health promotion).

There are many resources available in the area of health and safety and this website directs the user to the main Irish resources in the area.

This website focuses more on some of the new approaches.  It does so by building on the work of a number of major European projects in these areas while also pointing to important Irish resources.  In particular, it provides access to online training, user manuals and reports in the areas of mental health and wellbeing, health promotion and return to work.

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