A Barometer of HR Trends and Prospects 2008.

Throughout 2007 the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) surveyed every changing contour of the world of work. This sixth annual people management and development barometer report is a compendium of individual surveys, drawing out common themes and highlighting emerging trends. The summary of main finding can be read as a baseline human capital report for UK plc. These surveys are regularly supplemented by background data obtained from the CIPD/KPMG quarterly Labour Market Outlook survey. Our surveys are drawn from relatively large sample sizes and provide comprehensive coverage across all sectors and sizes of organisation. Each survey report is an invaluable source of benchmarking information for practitioners and policy-makers. Some surveys are accompanied by separate ‘Reflections’ reports in which experts and practitioners comment on various aspects of the survey findings. This ‘all in one place’ compendium presents the main findings from each of our 2007 surveys and outlines the challenges facing HR practitioners in 2008.

The 2007 surveys cited are:

  • Absence Management
  • Diversity in Business: A focus for progress
  • Employing Ex-offenders to Capture Talent
  • HR in International Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Labour Market Outlook (quarterly)
  • Learning and Development
  • Managing Conflict at Work
  • Managing Drug and Alcohol Misuse at Work
  • Recruitment, Retention and Turnover
  • Reward Management • The Changing HR Function.

Copies of the CIPD’s survey reports can be obtained free from:

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