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Welcome to the Absenteeism Costs Calculator.

The Calculator allows you to make a good estimate of the costs of sickness related absenteeism in your organisation. You will be asked 23 questions about your organisation and on the basis of your answers, you will receive information about:

  • The total costs per annum to your organisation
  • The total costs per employee
  • The total costs per absent employee
  • The percentage of turnover spent on absenteeism

The questions you are asked are concerned with:

  • Background information
  • Your absenteeism rate
  • Replacement of staff
  • Overtime costs
  • Sick pay costs
  • Insurance costs
  • Opportunity costs
  • Medical costs

You may not have the answers to all of these questions at hand, but at minimum, you must answer the questions on Background Information and Your Absenteeism Rate for the calculator to work. The more questions you can answer and the more accurately you can answer them, the better the estimate of the true costs of absenteeism will be.

Please note: that you are asked to provide percentages as answers to some questions.  For these questions, you must enter the percentage rather than a proportionFor example, if you wish to enter twenty percent as your answer, you should enter ‘20’ and not ‘0.2’

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