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There are two types of Member Account. The first is an Individual Account, where you can register with Re-integrate in order to gain access to the e-learning material contained within the site. With the Individual Account, you can assess your progress in relation to:

  • Your training needs
  • Your knowledge of organisational RTW practice
  • Your level of knowledge of RTW policy and practice

The second is an Organisational Account. This enables you to set up a corporate account for your organisation. This means that you can track the progress of individual members employed by your organisation as they move through the e-learning materials. With the Organisational Account, you can at a group level monitor the progress of staff in relation to:

  • Their training needs
  • Their knowledge of organisational RTW practice
  • The level of knowledge they have of RTW policy and practice

Registering for an organisational account gives you access to this information in a secure and confidential way. You can then actively manage the entire learning process for the nominated staff in your organisation.

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To create an account as a Re-Integrate Member select a member type and click "Create Member Account".
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