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Long-term absence from work due to ill health is on the increase across Europe. This project was designed to identify effective methods and approaches which could be used by professionals to improve their Return to Work records. Reintegrate aims to support the safe and timely return of people to work, who have become ill or injured. Reintegrate helps employers to develop good practice in organisations where absenteeism has become an issue.
Reintegrate deals with the most effective and ethical methods and approaches to Return-to-Work which can be used by professionals to promote workplace health and reduce absenteeism.

The project aim is to return people to work who have become absent because of illness or injury, by providing support to employers so that they may develop good practice for timely and appropriate Return-to-Work.

The Reintegrate website provides support through an integrated e-learning environment which includes guidelines, reports and literature advising Return-to-Work structures. In addition, an e-learning course is available, whereby professionals can learn more about how to implement a Return-to-Work system in the organisation and reduce absenteeism figures. Other tools are available to assess one’s own (and the organisations) knowledge of Return-to-Work issues/practices.

Together, these useful tools constitute an e-learning environment which seeks to promote health in the workplace, while reducing absenteeism and costs for employers.

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