The National Institute of Disability Management and Research (NIDMAR),

The National Institute of Disability Management and Research (NIDMAR), founded in 1994, is an internationally recognized organization committed to reducing the human, social and economic costs of disability. As an education, training and research organization, NIDMAR's primary focus is the implementation of workplace-based reintegration programs which international research has proven is the most effective way of restoring and maintaining workers' abilities, while reducing the costs of disability for workers, employers, government and insurance carriers. The National Institute's success is the result of collaborative initiatives undertaken by leaders in labour, business, government, education, insurance and rehabilitation. NIDMAR is supported by a broad-based Board of Directors and International Council, with senior representatives from Canada, Australia, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, and the United States. As a long-term labour-management and multi-party commitment to disability management in the workplace, NIDMAR is supported by an endowment fund created through contributions from the federal and provincial governments, major private corporations and public organizations.
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