ILO (2002) ILO Code of Practice: Managing Disability in the Workplace

Many persons with disabilities who want to work do not have the opportunity to work due to many barriers. While it is recognized that economic growth can lead to increased employment opportunities, the code outlines best practices which enable employers to utilize the skills and potential of people with disabilities within existing national conditions. It is increasingly apparent that disabled people not only have a valuable contribution to make to the national economy but that their employment also reduces the cost of disability benefits and may reduce poverty. There is a strong business case for employing people with disabilities since they are often qualified for a particular job. Employers may also gain by expanding the number of eligible workers through continuing the employment of those who become disabled, since valuable expertise acquired on the job and through work-related training is retained. This code has been drawn up to guide employers – be they large, medium-sized or small enterprises, in the private or public sector, in developing or highly industrialized countries – to adopt a positive strategy in managing disability-related issues in the workplace. While this code is principally addressed to employers, governments play an essential role in creating a supportive legislative and social policy framework and providing incentives to promote employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Moreover, the participation and initiative of people with disabilities is important for the code to be achievable. The contents of the code are based on the principles underpinning international instruments and initiatives designed to promote the safe and healthy employment of all persons with disabilities. This code is not a legally binding instrument and is not intended to supersede or replace national legislation. It is intended to be read in the context of national conditions and to be applied in accordance with national law and practice.

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