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AGEING AT WORK is a two year project (2008-2009) funded by the Leonardo da Vinci programme of the European Commission and aims to develop, test and promote a training concept for HR professionals on age management, with a particular focus on health. As our European society and workforce is ageing, there is an emerging need for attention on age management in organisations. More specifically, HR Management needs to tackle the health problems that come along with a workforce growing older. AGEING AT WORK puts ‘integrated workplace health management’ forward as a solution: this approach provides strategies that HR professionals can apply in order to retain older workers in the workforce for longer. In a first phase, a questionnaire survey of user needs will be undertaken in Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland and Poland. In addition, a literature review on the concerning topics (older workers and age management, workplace health management) will be carried out. Based on the outcomes of the needs analysis and literature review, a training will be developed in a second phase. This training addresses HR professionals from all businesses (all branches, public or private), and will exist of a face-to-face training course as well as an integrated e-learning support environment. The training concept will be tested in Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland through a pilot training.
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