Work Loss Data Institute

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Work Loss Data Institute (WLDI) is an independent database development company focused on workplace health and productivity, with offices in California and Texas. WLDI products include Official Disability Guidelines (ODG), now in its 13th edition, which provides evidence-based disability duration guidelines and benchmarking data for every reportable condition. New medical treatment guidelines for work-related conditions are also available with ODG in a complete integrated product, ODG Treatment, currently in its 6th annual edition. Both put evidence-based medicine to work for those involved in workers' comp and non-occupational disability, including insurers, TPA's, health care providers, case managers, employers, benefits administrators, risk managers and claims attorneys in the management of return-to-work and utilization of medical services following illness and injury. Special Studies on illness and injury affecting the workforce have also been released, extracted from ten million cases or more within the ODG database. Other guidelines available from Work Loss Data Institute include the IAIABC Impairment Guides (available on Web versions of ODG), and the CCGPP Chiropractic Practice Guidelines (currently in development). Finally, WLDI publishes the Employer Health Register, a complete directory of products and services used to improve the health and productivity of working people.
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