Integrated e-Learning Environment for Managing Job Retention and Return to Work - Training of Trainers


The EU is facing a substantial challenge in achieving the targets set by the Council of Ministers in relation to reducing the numbers of older people leaving work through early retirement and extending the working life of older workers (Barcelona & Stockholm European Councils). The targets are set to be achieved by 2010. To achieve these targets the proportion of workers in the 45-60 age range taking early retirement as a result of ill-health and disability must be radically reduced.

As an effort to reach these targets, the Reintegrate Project sets out to build on existing projects outputs in the field of disability and employment in order to address the skills and knowledge gaps of employers. In order to do so, the project intends to design ICT-based delivery mechanisms aimed at transferring innovative approaches from the realm of research to employers practice. The central spine of the project is a web-based self-assessment tool to allow work-based professionals to explore their own levels of knowledge and organisational strategies in relation to good practice and e-learning and face to face training modules derived from the accumulated results of previous projects and current good practice internationally.


The Training of Trainers aims to introduce participants to the first version of the main outputs of the project for purposes of evaluating, amending and valorising them on the basis of national experience. In this way, the conditions for the implementation of the project tools will be created in the participants’ jurisdictions.


The training will be hosted by Centro de Reabilitação Profissional de Gaia (CRPG), a leading rehabilitation organisation and EPR member based in Porto.

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